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Dispatch Samples


DumpTruckSoftware.com has several methods and many variations for dispatching in the Dump Truck System.  Dispatching starts the billing process.  Using dispatch in the DTS also enable the ability to track paperwork received.


Simple Order and Dispatch System. 

These handy screens take the place of the handwritten orders log book and dispatch sheets.  Quickly enter your orders.  When ready to dispatch the order, select an employee driver or outside Independent Contractor.  The order automatically goes over to the dispatch sheet.  But it gets better!  When the paperwork is turned in, the date and time is annotated.  Reports are available to see who has yet to turn in the paperwork.


Standard Dispatch System. 

We start all new users with this screen.  If the user needs something different, we try one of our many other versions.  If changes are needed, then we copy the screen, put their name on it and make modifications