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Nice Features


We have found that no two companies do business in the same way.  Our software development tools allow us to easily and rapidly customize screens and reports for our users.  When you license the Dump Truck Software system, it is like having your in-house programming department.  We receive many calls from users asking for information on a one-time basis.  We remote in, run the query and provide the information in Excel.  Then we ask, “Wouldn’t you like to have this as a report that you can run without calling us?”  We then take that query and place it inside a report and plug it into a [Reports…] button for all to use.  The new report goes out with the next update.  Of course, some users may want to gain an advantage on their competitors.  In this case, we plug the report in under their custom screen.


Miscellaneous Invoices.    The DTS is a dump truck billing machine.  The main data entry screens account for billing and paying at the same time.  Occasionally, you may need to create invoices where payment to drivers or outside haulers is not going to be entered. The Miscellaneous Invoices screen quickly invoices for items such as dump or bridge fees and even material sales or resale.


Handling Late Tickets.   When Independent Contractors turn in tickets late, there is no guarantee that the customer will pay.  The Dump Truck System has a feature where you can mark the tickets as being turned in late.  These late tickets show up in the “What Needs Paid” reports but will not be placed on a pay statement unless someone reviews the tags and marks them as being paid.  In addition, the DTS tracks the date the ticket was turned in.  some companies will pay late tickets after 60 days automatically.  If the ticket is dated in January and turned in June 1st.  You will want the 60-day counter starting from June not January!


Monthly DBE/UDBE Trucking Verification (CEM-2404).   This handy screen will save a great deal of time in the preparation of the Monthly DBE/UDBE Trucking Verification form.  The screen prompts for the customer, time period and provides a list of the jobs that were worked in the time period.  The screen is then populated with the necessary information.  If the information is edited on the screen, it will be saved into your system where it can be pulled up to be viewed, printed or made into a PDF document.


Owner-Operator Listing (CEM-2505).   The CEM-2505 Owner-Operator Listing and Compliance Form is put required by the California Department of Transportation.  The governing entity on a public works project will have you fill in and submit this form to them to make sure all employees on the job are being paid properly.  The Dump Truck System helps you gather the information and then you load blank paper in the printer and we format the form and insert data at the same time.


Certified Payroll Reporting.   This version of the certified payroll process helps you gather the information and then you load blank paper in the printer and we format the form and insert data at the same time.


Point of Sale.   The Point of Sale screen is ideal for Dump Truck System users that may also have a materials yard.  This screen creates miscellaneous invoices for deliveries or sales by customer pickup. 


Payments Made on a Customer's Job.   A customer may send one check that covers many invoices billed out for various customer jobs.  In order to see if the invoices were paid on a particular job, for lien purposes, et cetera, you will need to see the checks and summarize the amounts of the checks that were paid to that particular job.


Post Payments Received by Freight Bill.   Contractors that are billed direct usually pay the invoice in full.  Other brokers pay by the freight bill; usually when they get paid.  This screen keeps track of payment received by the freight bill/ticket/tag.


Reconciling Tickets.   An increasing trend in some parts of the country is where Quarries are sending payment from their weight ticket software system to their trucking companies.  The source document for payment is often an Excel spreadsheet.  DTS users need to key in the work not as much to receive payment, but to in turn pay their drivers and Owner-Operators.  The Dump Truck Software System is a valuable time-saving asset in the reconciliation process between what was paid verses what was billed.


Safety & Compliance.   If you use Independent Contractors or sub-haulers, you could be liable for their accidents if they are not properly insured.  The Safety and Compliance screen is installed with a default set of codes or items to track.  Every company has the freedom to remove all these and use your own or add to these as needed.


Security.   The Dump Truck System has a security system whereupon you can grant and revoke access to menu options, reports and individual screens.



Time Clock.   Clock in and clock out with the Dump Truck System