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User Guides


The computer screens are identified with a code in parenthesis at the top left-hand side of the name stripe.  For more information, find the name on this page and click on the link.  If the buttons available at the bottom show a [?] then click on the button to also see the user guide.



APEnMuCo.   Accounts Payable entries with costing option.

APEnMuFu.   Accounts Payable entries with fuel.

APPoPa.   Accounts Payable, Parts Purchase Orders.

APPoPaRe.   Accounts Payable, Parts Received.

APVars.   Custom settings for the Accounts Payable module.


ARCkWcWt.   Checks posted on customer jobs report.

ARDepTik.   Accounts Receivable, Deposit Tickets.

ARHist.   Accounts Receivable history screen.


ARMiSJT.   Accounts Receivable, Miscellaneous Invoices.

ARMiDND.   Accounts Receivable, Miscellaneous Invoices.

ARMiTabs.   Accounts Receivable, Miscellaneous Invoices.


ARPoCkLg.   Accounts Receivable, Posting Checks.

ARPoFDTS.   Mark payments received by freight bill/ticket/tag.

ARPoint.   The Point of Sale screen for material sales yard.


CEM2404.   Monthly DBE/UDBE Trucking Verification.

CoDiary.   Company Diary.



DIAgOrd.   Dispatch, Entering Material Orders.

DICTSOrd.   Dispatch, Orders and Dispatch Tracking.

DIDTS2.   Standard Dispatch Screen.  This is the screen we install on new users to evaluate.

DILoss.   Dispatch, Log freight bills/tags/tickets.

DIPoForr.   Dispatch and Billing combination screen.


Emps.   Employees screen.

EQDTS.   Equipment files.

EQTypes.   Equipment Types.

EQTrack.   Equipment Tracking.


GLCashJo.   Cash Receipts Journal.


IFTA.   International Fuel Tax Association


MatTypes.   Material Types.


OSTTikRe.   Import spreadsheets and compare against tickets in the Dump Truck Software System.


PAOOBurn.   The CEM-2505 Owner-Operator Listing and Compliance Form.

PAOORivr.   Certified Payroll.

Plants.   Material Plants.

PN.   Preliminary Notice creation and tracking screen.


QUDTS.   Quoting screen.


SC.   Safety and Compliance tracking screen.

Security.   Grant and revoke access to menu options, reports and individual screens.


TickVeri.   Ticket Verification Screen.

TimeClock.   Clock in and clock out with the Dump Truck System.

TRBP4Cus.   Bill-Pay Profit Report, Grouped by Customer.

TRFtLate.   Review late freight bills/tickets/tags.

TRInDTS.   Create Receivable Invoices

TRHerkWT.   Weight Ticket Invoicing and Verification.  This is handy when a quarry pays you by the ticket.  Track variances in quantities and amounts.


TRHrSumm.   Summarizes hourly entries for comparison of hours billed verses hours paid.  The summaries can be used to submit to payroll processing.


TRMeMinn.  This version of the Dump Truck System is used by dump truck companies that invoice by the Hour, Tons or Load with an emphasis on projects and material delivery prices.  The customer job/project screen identifies projects and the assigned rates for trucking and material deliveries.  Dispatch is available but is not mandatory to use.  The billing screen bills the customer and sets up the payable at the same time.