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The Dump Truck System changes every day.  Our users frequently come up with ideas to save time and enhance the system.  We program those changes and include it in the system updates.   Users current on annual support receive these enhancements with their software updates.


5/12/2020    Leased Trailer Statements If your company leases trailers from another company and you remit the trailer rent based on the work performed, then this set of screens will help you manage and create pay statements.


12/1/2019    Performance Report.  The Performance Report provides the owners a snapshot on how the business is fairing.  The volume of work and receipts cash verses credit.


8/24/2018    Hours Report.  This report prompts for the start and end date.  All tag entries that are either billing or paying by the hour are brought in and summarized by the driver or outside hauler.  For outsiders, the broker and trailer rental fees are also displayed.  The purpose of this report is to cross check the hours billed verses the hours paid.  The hours can also be used to calculate payroll.

 (In version 19.61).


8/10/2018            Miscellaneous Invoices (new version).  The DTS is a dump truck billing machine.  The main data entry screens account for billing and paying at the same time.  Occasionally, you may need to create invoices where payment to drivers or outside haulers is not going to be entered. The Miscellaneous Invoices screen quickly invoices for items such as dump or bridge fees and even material sales or resale.

 (In version 19.60).


8/9/2018               Track Equipment.  Auxiliary equipment such as rollers, graders and tractors are moved to and from worksites.  Sometimes equipment is lost.  The “Track Equipment” feature of the Dump Truck System tracks equipment movement and will print a report showing the current location of your assets.  (In version 19.59).


5/28/2018            Company Diary.  A user’s accountant asked when certain events had taken place in the life of the company.  The result was to program this simple screen and accompanying report. (In version 19.49).


5/1/2018               Ticket Verification.              This screen is used to cross check tickets billed to your company from a quarry. (In version 19.48).


5/1/2018               Invoice by Weight Ticket.   When your plant/pit/quarry pays you by the weight ticket, use this exceptional screen to verify and mark off the tickets paid.  Your amounts entered are displayed and if there is a deviance, the DTS easily saves the original quantity and rates and allows the changing of what was billed.  This variance is available in a report and can be used to track or reconcile with the customer.

 (In version 19.48).


4/15/2018            Bill - Pay Profit Report.  One way to have a pulse on your company is to see how much you are making on a per freight bill basis.  This report shows the difference between the amount billed verses the amount paid.  Displayed and added to this “top rate” amount is the broker fee.  This report can be printed for a single customer or leave the customer blank to group all customers. (In version 19.45).